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The goal of e-commerce and e-business certificate programs is to provide students with the skills they need to design and implement e-commerce programs. While pursuing this type of certificate, students will learn how to identify e-commerce business opportunities and inspire organizational change. They will also learn more about how to understand marketing issues in e-commerce and learn the technical skills needed to manage an e-commerce site.

With a certificate in e-commerce and e-business, graduates often learn the skills they need to succeed at their current positions and qualify themselves for promotions. Often, learning these skills can solidify their position and help them earn higher salaries in the future.

Whether you’re already working in e-commerce or hoping to launch or grow an online business, this certificate program will help you become better equipped. Get the skills and knowledge you need for e-commerce (buying and selling over the Internet) and online business (conducting business using Internet technology).

You’ll explore best practices and learn to take on a more meaningful role as a practitioner, manager or leader. Boost your skills and qualifications with lectures and readings, case studies, exercises, projects, and internship.

Outcomes Of The Certificate

ITTIQ’s e-commerce and e-business Certificate is designed to enable you to:

  • Apply e-Commerce methods and techniques to help organizations digital objectives
  • Create an e-Commerce concept and develop it to reality.
  • Successfully manage e-Commerce /e-Business platforms.
  • Recognizing e-Commerce/e-Business opportunities.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand key concepts and trends associated with e-commerce and online business.
  • Apply leading tools, techniques and best practices in e-Commerce service.
  • Management of e-Commerce/Online Business.

Required Courses

  • Fundamentals & Strategies of e-Commerce/Online Business
  • Tools & Techniques of e-Commerce/Online Business.
  • Management of e-Commerce/Online Business.
  • Projects & Internship.

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